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N02 Cassette.
Designed by a pharmacist to meet the stated needs of carehomes the nomad system complies with the guidelines issued by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, the National Pharmaceutical Association and the United Kingdom Central Council for Nursing. Midwifery and Health Visiting.


N66 Seal nomad is a 'tamper evident" monitored system providing secure medication for residents/clients.  N66 seals ensure pack safety.
N28 Perforated Seal
The nomad system uses a 'cold seal' - no heatsealer is required. 
This feature enables the pharmacist to make medication changes as directed, without having to replace the entire pack.

Backing Sheets
Signing Sheets and Labels.

nomad supply a range of backing sheets (the 'pack label,')  cassette and folder signing sheets and optional information labels

N12/EU Backing Sheet

Backing sheets and signing sheets are printed at the pharmacy (see nomad software) and the quality and comprehensive range of information provided assists in ensuring patient safety.
The nomad Backing Sheet list; full descriptions and amounts for each medication, full directions and warnings, medications not in the cassette, administration times, notes and allergies. It details variable dose medications. 
Dwr/55 nomad Trolley
A light-weight trolley that will hold up to 55 cassettes with space for non-cassette medications.

nomadinterfaces with pharmacy dispensing software to avoid entering information twice. nomad for Lots and nomad for Toniq programs are available on CD or may be downloaded from the internet.  Australian programs are available from C.E.Mayo Pty. Ltd.
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